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26-01-2018 Houdini 4th in final SUBLI-cup Jumping A'dam
11-01-2018 Zizi Top (father of Feloek la Haya) passed away
03-12-2017 Houdini 2nd in last SUBLI-cup selection
05-11-2017 Bizar la Haya lost his undefeated record in ZZ-licht
01-11-2017 Bizar wins first qualifier 'Kring'-Championships
10-09-2017 Houdini first in SUBLI-cup selection De Mortel
03-09-2017 Bizar la Haya - 4th time in ZZ-licht
19-08-2017 Bizar la Haya - comeback in ZZ-licht
14-08-2017 Houdini + Hymne PAVO-cup
05-08-2017 Favian WH - 4th at World Championships Ermelo
02-08-2017 Zigal Champion Young Riders in United States
15-07-2017 Di Luca at Dutch Championships Prix St.Georges
08-07-2017 Houdini+Hymne 1th and 3rd in qualifier PAVO-cup
05-07-2017 Di Luca goes to Championships Prix St.Georges
17-06-2017 Houdini + Hymne in semi final Championships
11-06-2017 Favian WH - best 7-yr old dress. horse of Belgium
30-05-2017 Hymne and Houdini - both through to next round
29-05-2017 Mourinho and Merengue running in the field
28-05-2017 Qualif. semifinals Championships young horses
20-05-2017 Prix St.Georges with Di Luca in De Mortel
08-05-2017 Favian WH - World Championships young horses
24-04-2017 Mourinho and Merengue at the racecourse...
23-04-2017 Houdini 2nd at WK-selection 5-years old (78,6%)
23-04-2017 Fironja took first and second place in M2
14-04-2017 Mourinho and Merengue meeting in the field
13-04-2017 Fironja going strong with Britt van der Veer
11-04-2017 Born: Merengue la Haya (Johnson x Ferro)
16-03-2017 Mourinho and Gràcia first time in the meadow
07-03-2017 Born: Mourinho la Haya (Fürstenball x Johnson)
18-02-2017 Houdini la Haya wins "Stal vd Sande competition"
13-01-2017 Feloek la Haya continues as FAVIAN WH
20-11-2016 Progress Di Luca la Haya in Prix St.Georges
13-11-2016 Hymne 3rd in Subli-cup 4 year-olds Vorden
01-10-2016 Di Luca la Haya: debute in Intermediate I
25-09-2016 Hymne la Haya 80,2 pts in Subli-cup 4 year-olds
11-08-2016 Feloek la Haya 4th place in finals PAVO-cup
09-08-2016 Feloek la Haya in semi-finals PAVO-cup 6 year-olds
01-08-2016 Feloek la Haya made his debut in the ZZ-light
23-07-2016 Di Luca la Haya: second place in Prix St. Georges
16-07-2016 Houdini la Haya:selected for semi-finals PAVO-cup
10-07-2016 Di Luca la Haya: 67% in Prix St. Georges
08-07-2016 Feloek la Haya qualified for semi-finals PAVO-cup
27-04-2016 La Quinta la Haya first time outside in the field
23-04-2016 Born: La Quinta la Haya (Johnson x Ferro)
19-04-2016 Nice field ride with Bizar la Haya (Lingh) today
03-04-2016 Horsefood Dressage Competition for 4 year-olds
21-02-2016 Hymne la Haya 75,5 points in her first competition
08-02-2016 Hymne la Haya prepared for her first competition
24-01-2016 Feloek la Haya debute Z1 in Vorden
20-09-2015 Goodbye to Wiluca la Haya 12 year-olds
20-09-2015 Feloek la Haya 2nd in Subli-cup 5 year-olds
20-08-2015 Di Luca: début Prix St.Georges - Arriba: ZZ-zwaar
12-08-2015 Feloek la Haya 78% in PAVO-cup 5 year-olds
30-07-2015 Feloek first in Subli-cup 5 years old Zevenaar
22-07-2015 Feloek la Haya to semifinale Subli-cup 5 year-olds
18-07-2015 Di Luca la Haya: National Championships ZZ-zwaar
31-05-2015 Di Luca la Haya: 65,1% and 65,8% in ZZ-zwaar
11-05-2015 Born: Kaya la Haya, filly of Johnson
25-04-2015 Feloek: first in interim score Subli-cup 5-years old
04-04-2015 Feloek la Haya: 4e in Horsefood dressage talent
12-09-2014 Zigal la Haya 'Champion Small Tour of Ireland'
31-05-2015 Di Luca la Haya: 65,1 and 65,8% in ZZ-zwaar Ermelo
Di Luca and I practiced so much on the halt and greet that we forgot how to move forward to trot after that... but the mistake was quickly recovered in the second test. Di Luca la Haya is getting more and more relaxed in the collected exercises and how talented she is! Achieved a 5th and 4th place at the 2nd ZZ-zwaar qualification competition at Ermelo for the Dutch Championships. 65,1 and 65,8%
Di Luca Di Luca
Di Luca Di Luca
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