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03-12-2017 Houdini 2nd in last SUBLI-cup selection
05-11-2017 Bizar la Haya lost his undefeated record in ZZ-licht
01-11-2017 Bizar wins first qualifier 'Kring'-Championships
10-09-2017 Houdini first in SUBLI-cup selection De Mortel
03-09-2017 Bizar la Haya - 4th time in ZZ-licht
19-08-2017 Bizar la Haya - comeback in ZZ-licht
14-08-2017 Houdini + Hymne PAVO-cup
05-08-2017 Favian WH - 4th at World Championships Ermelo
02-08-2017 Zigal Champion Young Riders in United States
15-07-2017 Di Luca at Dutch Championships Prix St.Georges
08-07-2017 Houdini+Hymne 1th and 3rd in qualifier PAVO-cup
05-07-2017 Di Luca goes to Championships Prix St.Georges
17-06-2017 Houdini + Hymne in semi final Championships
11-06-2017 Favian WH - best 7-yr old dress. horse of Belgium
30-05-2017 Hymne and Houdini - both through to next round
29-05-2017 Mourinho and Merengue running in the field
28-05-2017 Qualif. semifinals Championships young horses
20-05-2017 Prix St.Georges with Di Luca in De Mortel
08-05-2017 Favian WH - World Championships young horses
24-04-2017 Mourinho and Merengue at the racecourse...
23-04-2017 Houdini 2nd at WK-selection 5-years old (78,6%)
23-04-2017 Fironja took first and second place in M2
14-04-2017 Mourinho and Merengue meeting in the field
13-04-2017 Fironja going strong with Britt van der Veer
11-04-2017 Born: Merengue la Haya (Johnson x Ferro)
16-03-2017 Mourinho and Gràcia first time in the meadow
07-03-2017 Born: Mourinho la Haya (Fürstenball x Johnson)
18-02-2017 Houdini la Haya wins "Stal vd Sande competition"
13-01-2017 Feloek la Haya continues as FAVIAN WH
20-11-2016 Progress Di Luca la Haya in Prix St.Georges
13-11-2016 Hymne 3rd in Subli-cup 4 year-olds Vorden
01-10-2016 Di Luca la Haya: debute in Intermediate I
25-09-2016 Hymne la Haya 80,2 pts in Subli-cup 4 year-olds
11-08-2016 Feloek la Haya 4th place in finals PAVO-cup
09-08-2016 Feloek la Haya in semi-finals PAVO-cup 6 year-olds
01-08-2016 Feloek la Haya made his debut in the ZZ-light
23-07-2016 Di Luca la Haya: second place in Prix St. Georges
16-07-2016 Houdini la Haya:selected for semi-finals PAVO-cup
10-07-2016 Di Luca la Haya: 67% in Prix St. Georges
08-07-2016 Feloek la Haya qualified for semi-finals PAVO-cup
27-04-2016 La Quinta la Haya first time outside in the field
23-04-2016 Born: La Quinta la Haya (Johnson x Ferro)
19-04-2016 Nice field ride with Bizar la Haya (Lingh) today
03-04-2016 Horsefood Dressage Competition for 4 year-olds
21-02-2016 Hymne la Haya 75,5 points in her first competition
08-02-2016 Hymne la Haya prepared for her first competition
24-01-2016 Feloek la Haya debute Z1 in Vorden
20-09-2015 Goodbye to Wiluca la Haya 12 year-olds
20-09-2015 Feloek la Haya 2nd in Subli-cup 5 year-olds
20-08-2015 Di Luca: début Prix St.Georges - Arriba: ZZ-zwaar
12-08-2015 Feloek la Haya 78% in PAVO-cup 5 year-olds
30-07-2015 Feloek first in Subli-cup 5 years old Zevenaar
22-07-2015 Feloek la Haya to semifinale Subli-cup 5 year-olds
18-07-2015 Di Luca la Haya: National Championships ZZ-zwaar
31-05-2015 Di Luca la Haya: 65,1% and 65,8% in ZZ-zwaar
11-05-2015 Born: Kaya la Haya, filly of Johnson
25-04-2015 Feloek: first in interim score Subli-cup 5-years old
04-04-2015 Feloek la Haya: 4e in Horsefood dressage talent
12-09-2014 Zigal la Haya 'Champion Small Tour of Ireland'
23-04-2017 Houdini 2nd at WK-selection 5-years old with 78,6%
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